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 Tips for making your hotel search faster and easier

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What you should leave behind when traveling internationally

Seasoned travelers understand that laws in foreign countries can differ vastly from those in the United States, so they are usually prepared for an international trip. But some rules can catch even the savviest of globe trotters off guard, and a crash course can come as early as the security line. Something travelers may not think twice about carrying in the United States can raise a red flag in the destination country, resulting in a fine or even incarceration. Understanding as much as you can about local restrictions before you set out is, therefore, vital for any traveler. Click here for full article


Top 10 Holiday Travel Tips and Tricks

Traveling in general isn’t always fun, but it’s especially miserable during the holidays. Long lines, long drives to the airport, and frequent delays make the process hard to endure. Here are our top ten tips and tricks for surviving holiday travel.


Fifty Foreign Faux Pas

Sure, years of globalization have established giants like Mickey Mouse and McDonalds as ubiquitous global icons — but the same can’t be said about marigolds — which look pretty in bouquets, but signify grief in Mexico, so best to leave those in the garden if you’re heading to Cancun any time soon.

While the faux pas of giving Marigolds in Mexico dates back to ancient Aztec traditions, others, like France’s burqa fine, are relevantly new and could result in a couple of stares or worse: legal punishment for unaware travelers.  Read more


How to get the best seat on the plane

We’ve all been there – the small child kicking the back of your seat, the lack of legroom, the war over the armrest. While there’s no fail-safe way to… read more


The Fly America Act made easy!

The Open Skies agreement has made the Fly America Act more complicated than ever. Let OFB help you find the carriers you are allowed to use when traveling on US Government funds. Click here for further information.

Tricks to finding the lowest fare!

When your dates are flexible but your budget isn’t…let Orbitz for Business find you the lowest fare. See how here.

Having trouble finding a flight?

Be sure previous time parameters are not getting in the way. Change your time request to “anytime.”  Better yet, if you know the desired flight, search by “schedule”, and add the airline and flight number you are searching for. If all else fails, you can always get assistance from a travel agent at 1-877-672-4891. Agent assist fee is not charged to your credit card.