Yale Travel & CIBTvisas: Collaborating to Get You Anywhere in the World

June 18, 2014

So, you’re invited, at the last minute, on a once-in-lifetime business trip overseas, which departs in three days, when you suddenly learn that the destination is China and of course a travel visa is required. You’re told that standard processing time for visas to China is a minimum 4-5 business days and you panic.  Furthermore, you’re shocked when you dig out your passport from your briefcase to discover the passport is completely used, and you’ll need to order new pages before even dealing with the Chinese consulate. All this and three days to get it done! Who do you call?   

The above episode is real and often presents itself to Yale Travel Management who works with members of the Yale Community who travel on business.  “All in the course of a day’s work,” said Bob Zartarian, Director of Yale Travel Management.  “Needless to say, the traveler thought it was a lost cause, and truthfully, I did, too”.  I did think, however, if anyone could pull it off, CIBT could. Yale has partnered with CIBT, a national leader in providing passport and visa services, for these types of emergencies.  They jumped right on it and made it happen.  First, the passport needed to be overnighted to Chicago to add the required new pages and then an instant turn-around back to New York to request a “rush delivery” to the Chinese consulate.  “We received the request on a Thursday and by Monday the traveler was on her way to CIBT’s New York office to pick up the visa while en route to JFK International Airport to catch her flight that evening,” said Bob.

“Not only does CIBT provide exceptional service but their rates are deeply discounted for Yale University,” said Marcia Kaplan, Yale’s Travel Program Manager, who first introduced CIBT to the Yale community in 2005. Yale Travel Management encourages all Yale departments to employ the services of CIBT. Their web site is extremely user-friendly and leads the requester down a path of online questions relatively to the country that the traveler is holding a passport from, state of residence, country visiting, and the purpose of the travel.  From those four simple questions, all answers are automatically and instantly provided as to the type of documentation required and the cost involved. There is also a toll-free number to speak with a CIBT agent if assistance is needed in preparing the document before sending it on to CIBT for processing. 

Travelers can reach CIBT by clicking here  CIBT visas or calling 1-800-247-7599 and referring to Yale’s ID #40634. 

As always, travelers may call Yale Travel Management at 2-9962, with any questions, or visit travelmanagement.yale.edu to learn more.