Yale Travel Management making business travel more efficient

August 20, 2014

Yes Handsome Dan, Yale does have a travel department, and they can help you move about the country and world with ease.  If you use their preferred online system Orbitz for Business, with automatic university discounts on flights and hotels, you will be able to spend the money you saved on homemade organic dog bones. Also Dan, get a better deal on a rental car for your next trip up to the “Game” courtesy of Yale Travel Management’s negotiated contracts!

Yale Travel Management (YTM) consists of a mighty staff of two, with a mighty goal- meeting the many needs of the Yale Community and their guests who travel on Yale Business.   Lead by travel guru Bob Zartarian, its Director and beloved travel maverick and Coordinator Marcia Kaplan, YTM is located on central campus in the Whitney Grove Square building.  They are supported by super admin Wanda Irizarry.  YTM does some heavy lifting mainly negotiating contracts with the airlines, hotels, car rental companies, Amtrak and other services for passport and Visa renewals (read more about our vendor CIBTvisas.)  “Each and every booking contributes to the cause” said Zartarian who yearly negotiates with companies like Hertz, Delta Air Lines and Jet Blue for a university rate. 

While you can’t call them to book a flight, the friendly folks of YTM train folks on the many automated services that can make travel coordination easier and cheaper. The big payoff here:  the more Yale staff and faculty who use these services the better leverage YTM has for negotiating cheaper rates.  It is a win-win for the entire Yale Community.

Training User Groups

YTM works with departments and/or staff members who having never had to book travel before now find themselves organizing a conference , or researching complicated international travel for a faculty member. “We literally take them by the hand and walk them through using Orbitz for Business (the online booking tool),” said Kaplan.  “Service is our primary focus….., after training on the tool, they are much more comfortable planning travel for their department, and all Yale’s negotiated travel discounts are built in to Ortiz,” saving departments money instantly. 

Orbitz for Business

In a short sentence, Orbitz for Business is an online, full-service travel agency.  Users can book flights, hotel, car rental, rail, parking and private car services through this tool.  The biggest benefit is all of Yale’s travel discounts are built in and the more Yale departments use it the better leverage YTM has when negotiating rates with travel suppliers.  Other reasons to use this great tool – the “user group” functionality—departments can give access to their visitors and guests to book through this tool.  Also, itineraries can be added to an Outlook calendar as an option as well as easy access to receipts for reimbursements. Lastly, travelers have access to a professional staff of agents via telephone or online to a 24/7/365 Orbitz for Business customer service center.  Seventeen reasons to use Orbitz for Business.

So Dan I’m know you’re a busy dog, but take a minute to visit Yale Travel Management’s website or give them a call 204 432-9962 to find out how they can help you because every bulldog should travel in style at a great price.

By Lisa M. Maloney, Administration